Alvaro is an excellent teacher, dancer and inspiration, always so focused in detail, a passionate perfectionist and a lovely person.

Raquel Sereno Rivas

This is a school with the most wonderful teachers. They are so focused, attentive, playful and loving with the children. They create a fantastic atmosphere, welcoming parents and children warmly and ensuring that all children are supported no matter what their level.

My daughter’s Spanish is coming along beautifully, she adores flamenco and has learned so much in just a year. Vicky and Álvaro have a wonderful way with the children, and my daughter is hugely motivated to keep learning.

Flamenco is a very challenging type of dance and during the past years I have tried several other classes with others teachers but no one like Alvaro, despite his youth, no other teacher compares to him.

His warmth, dedication, attention to detail, detailed explanation of the technique and rhythms combined with his infinite patience and love for teaching, make every class a delight to attend, also is a great way to gain mental and physical discipline.

He is helping me to tap into a physical and emotional strength that I never thought I had. I am very lucky to have him as teacher and as a result of his positive reinforcement and insight of the flamenco, I never feel discouraged. On the contrary I feel I am making progress in every class.

Thank you Alvaro for being such a wonderful person and teacher, you are an inspiration to me.


After dabbling in flamenco off and on over the years – I am now a student of Alvaro’s Wednesday technique class. At last I have found a teacher that has a genuine desire to help me improve as an individual. Alvaro is a perfectionist, but teaches with great patience in a fun, kind-hearted way, giving individual attention to every one of his students, helping directly with your own personal weaknesses, encouraging with your strengths and never leaving you floundering anxiously at the back of the class!

He takes time with each student to ensure we understand every step, then takes it further to make sure arms, hands & head are also correct. This I feel has been the key to my improvement over the past couple of terms. The classes are precise yet good-natured and relaxed – I even brought my Mum to watch his recent Sevillanas course where he had us dancing in threes, fours & circles within a term (including my partner who has never put one foot in front of the other until joining this class!) I have also attended the palmas workshops and live performances at Ole Ole which are great fun and having previously lived and much travelled in Spain, I am delighted that Alvaro has brought a genuine Andalucian flamenco experience to Brighton!

Poppy Gonzalez

I have studied dance for many years from ballet, jazz, jazz tap, street dance through to ball room dancing. But nothing compares to flamenco dance, it is empowering, expressive, sensual, passionate and complex. Alvaro helps me with his generosity, inspiration, patience and amazing experience to improve my weaknesses which I may be aware and not aware of, therefore to move forward in my technique and choreography with utmost detail.
Alvaro is charming, kind, who has a great sense of humour and a joy to be with. I would definitely recommend Alvaro whatever level you are at in flamenco dance!


My daughter Sangeeta loves to go to the flamenco classes, she had great time there and learn to coordinate her body and mine… Very friendly and professional teachers!! me and my little one are very happy with the classes!! Thanks so much !!! :)

Sangeeta’s mum

My daughters had the choice of ballet or flamenco class and without hesitation it was adios Angelina ballerina and hola flamenco. Seriously, what’s not to like? They get to dress-up in beautiful dresses, wear heels AND stamp their feet! The teachers are very engaging and my girls are having a blast….muchos gracias!

Nicki, mum of Indigo and Atlanta

Arabella loves her flamenco class and looks forward to it all week. Every Thursday, when she gets home, we all get a little show and get to see the new moves she has learnt. Flamenco lessons are building her confidence and helping her with co-ordination and she can’t wait to put on a performance in front of an audience! Thanks…

Arabella’s mum

Emma enjoys flamenco lessons and she it is making her being more confident as she loves being on stage. She also loves wearing the flamenco dress and flamenco shoes. She is like a different person when doing flamenco and she would stop doing it now, all week waiting for the flamenco lesson.

Emma’s mum

My daughter loves her flamenco lessons and her flamenco teachers. She would be very upset if she missed a single class and is very proud of her achievements. The children from our flamenco group had four shows last year and each time they showed great enthusiasm and skills while dancing. Thank you for your wonderful work ‘Flamenco Brighton and Hove.’

Magda, Maty’s mum

Keira loves the being at Flamenco, especially when she wears her lovely Flamenco dress and shoes. She has made new friends and looks forward to when she can dance on stage :-)

Richard, Dad of Keira

Lily-May attended flamenco classes with Alvaro and really enjoyed them. Parents were encouraged not to stay for the classes due to children being distracted during the lessons but when i came to collect Lily-May she was always happy, smiling and appeared to be having fun. Alvaro and Vicky were always in attendance. I found Alvaro very approachable and engaging, he…
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adapted the lessons well to the children’s level. Lily-May was shown how to do simple steps using hula hoops and moving her hands in time to the music. This class is perfect for an introduction to flamenco dancing.

Sandra, Mum of Lily-May

My son took a while to get into flamenco, but now he can’t stop, even at dinner time. He loves it. We are all really looking forward to seeing what they will do this term. We were surprised at the opportunity he has had to do performances. This has really boosted his confidence. Thanks very much.

Lewis’ mum